The New Nebula Marketing | Logo

The new Nebula Marketing logo has demanded a lot of attention and focus to achieve the look I wanted. Luckily I was able to find a graphic designer who was able to guide me through the process. The initial ideas and concepts I was working around was having a very minimalist very clean professional look but at the same time I wanted to be able to pair it with a spacey futuristic background for some scenarios.

I'm absolutley delighted to reveal the new Nebula-Marketing logo. It has a fresh, clean, modern design which really reflects the company. @jamese986

I guess this is where I should discuss the whole Nebula concept: I have always been fascinated by science & technology and I’ve always been completely taken aback by some of the beautiful images of galaxy’s and in particular nebulas.

For me nebulas are very ethereal and majestic in there aesthetic. Furthermore with the emergence of cloud computing and technologies it seemed like a natural fit.

Nebula is Latin for cloud pairing that with the idea that I deliver a wide range of services which appear to be modular and separate but actually the way we provide them is a cohesive strategy (which is like all the space dust being pulled into one pure entity).

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