The End of Fenwick:
Sad News For Leicester

The End of an era… but why?

fenwick leicester

Nebula Marketing was taken aback by the recent announcement that Fenwick will be closing its doors in March. The store has long been an iconic feature of the Leicester high street and it is safe to say that the city will not be the same without this historic business.

What has caused this surprise closure? Retail expert Nas Harrison, a Marketing Lecturer at DMU, has said that a core reason for Fenwick closing was its refusal to establish an online shop, which might have enabled the store to keep pace with the changing retail landscape and consumer purchasing habits.

While the Highcross Shopping Centre would have made an impact on the number of visitors to Fenwick, Mrs Harrison said it was the lack of a strong online presence that was the most likely primary cause for the closure. While Fenwick had an online presence, it only displayed information, without providing an online shopping option.

Many people have taken to social media to express regret over the Fenwick closure and share memories. However, a common opinion has been that the store was ‘old fashioned’ compared with other businesses on the Leicester high street.

It is a shame Fenwick wasn’t able to balance heritage with new retail techniques, such as creating a multi-channel shopping experience, which Mrs Harrison views as being vital in today’s competitive retail sector.

The modern consumer prefers multiple engagement points with their favourite brands, using different devices such as smartphones and tablets, and multiple channels such as social media profiles. Devising a digital marketing strategy across multiple online platforms is a great way to engage and hold the attention of your customers.

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Nebula is saddened by the Fenwick closure, as it is truly the end of an era. We are ready to help all businesses, no matter how large or small, create a stellar online presence to help boost your sales performance and entice customers back to your brand.

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