Web Design & Development


The way we approach the design process here at Nebula is to first liaise with the client looking at websites which they have researched or are naturally drawn to, then we proceed to create first a Wireframe mock up to get a general idea for the layout of the entire site. Following that we either then create mock-ups in Adobe Photoshop or if the client is happy to proceed straight away we go straight to build

Combined with our market-leading audience intent work, this creates a clear and refined specification and a smooth-running project delivered by a multi-disciplinary team including:


All of the sites i build are fully responsive and use the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to ensure the product I'm building is equipped with modern features and meets the very highest of standards expect.

The framework all our sites are built with is the industry famous/standard Bootstrap which originated out of the Twitter development team.


Our e-commerce offering is still under development at the moment but rest assured it will be coming very soon


If you don't have a domain name registered of you don't offer hosting we here at nebula suggest the following 2 companies they are in our opinion simply the very best at what they do!


Hover provide domain names and are one of the biggest and best providers, who's fantastic customer service and technical support has made them one of the staples within the industry

I have personally used this company for over 4 years and can help set-up and managed accounts with ease.

"Our main goal at Nebula Marketing is to ensure quality and performance for our clients websites. Hover & Digital Ocean provide a state of the art solid Infrastructure which allows us to backup this promise."

Digital Ocean

There is simply no better service!. I have been using Digital Ocean for all my personal activities and its the first company i suggest to my clients friends and peers. The simple set up paired with the flexibility to scale up is unparalleled and the pricing is extremely competitive.

All Digital Ocean boxes run on SSD's and the performance and service is simply undeniably sublime